Sustainable Software

Transform your codebase into a valuable asset.

βœ… Efficiency

Identify areas for improvement and streamline the code.

βœ… Performant and Maintainable

Ensure maximum performance and maintainability.

βœ… Interoperable

Smooth onboarding process for development solutions to understand the domain using configurable open source software.

Feature Planning

Transform your awesome idea to a sustainability codebase that will launch your product into users' hands.

This is all about you!

You have a design or notes of a game changer SaaS product. Let’s chat. At the end of the call, you will have actionable steps you can do now to launch your MVP.

Case Study

I joined a struggling team that had launched their MVP in January. Their marketing campaign launched new features to increase user conversion. But, implementing the new strategy will put pressure on the codebase.

Why does it matter?

The codebase had a misalignment of software integration. Let me ask you this: What's the point of driving traffic to your app or product if users can't seamlessly navigate to it?

I have seen many startups fail because of misalignment of software integration.

Misalignment of software integration leads to poor user conversions and engagement rates.

The team I joined was tasked to deliver targeted push notification campaigns. To direct users to specific pages within the app, driving conversions and engagement.

But they were running into some serious interference from the Firebase Dynamic Links integration. Every time Braze sent a push notification, Firebase dynamic links were blocking it, causing a disruption in the marketing campaign.

This was no small issue. The sales funnel was taking a hit, and the mobile team was at a loss for what to do. With this in mind, I guided the mobile team to position their code base to successfully implement the software integration.

I developed a custom-made Braze plugin that bridged the gap between the two modules, allowing the messages to pass through to the React Native JavaScript application correctly when a deep link was received.

With this simple yet powerful plugin in place, the product team was able to deliver targeted campaigns to users through multiple channels. As the company's big LA push approached, the deep linking strategy saw a significant increase in conversions and user engagement.

I Can Help With

🧭 Technical project planning.

βš™οΈ Deployment to low cost open source cloud services.

πŸ‘₯ Operations training and cloud automation strategies.

πŸ’‘ Prototype to MVP development consulting.

But wait! There's more...

It's just the beginning.

Our relationship doesn't end when we get off the call.

I'll create a private Slack channel (or private email if you'd like) that we will use for 30 days of follow-on coaching/feedback/consultant Q&A

About me

I recognize that programming is not just an intellectual exercise but a means to drive real-world outcomes that generate value for users and stakeholders alike.

I view code refactoring as a calculated investment in your SaaS.

When faced with legacy codebases, I recognize that beneath the surface of those lines of code lie valuable assets and untapped potential.

Therefore, I always keep the end goal in mind and strive to create software solutions that deliver tangible value.

I understand that the collective genius of a well-assembled team can achieve far more than any individual endeavor.

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Open Source Integrations

There is a misconception that perfect code is sustainable code. There is no such thing as perfection. However you can optimize your code around developing & deploying code fast so you are quick to get user feedback. Whichever developer solution you choose, aim for iteration and user feedback. This will allow you to pivot if the need arises.

Rent my brain to give sustainable codebase advice.

Over the years, I spent over 30,000 hours writing and reading business software. But, with my help, you can leverage the same expertise in just a fraction of the time and monetary investment. Transforming your code base into a valuable asset.