DEV/REL Service

Hiring a developer can indeed come with certain risks and challenges. However, my developer relations services offer a solution that bypasses these hurdles.

Over the years, my developer relations services have successfully assisted software teams of various sizes, ranging from 3 to 15 developers, in achieving their quarterly roadmap objectives. I have collaborated with esteemed clients not only in Seattle but also across different locations. Some notable companies I have worked with include Impinj, GoodEggs, Wizard of the Coast, Qualtrics, and Hulu.

My approach revolves around streamlining processes using actionable and measurable devrel strategies. I understand the importance of maintaining focus. By identifying the right individual for each role, I enable teams to concentrate on their core responsibilities while meeting deadlines efficiently.

Here are some key areas where I can contribute to your team:

Running stand-ups and unblocking team members:

Standups can devolve into a ritual that provides little value beyond motivation. I can facilitate and optimize team stand-ups. Using my technical knowledge, quickly identify blockers and encourage the collaboration needed for optimal solutions.

Reducing Cloud/DevOps overhead costs:

Migrate from premium infrastructure costing a bundle or NoCode SaaS services that grow into major expenses at little value. Optimize your backend by promoting the open tools that software teams thrive on.

OpenAI Cost Analysis

LLM models such as OpenAI charge for every 4 letter word. I can help by providing cost analysis of prompts. Providing token monitoring tools and optimization strategies.

Streamlining your development pipeline:

By analyzing your existing processes, I can identify bottlenecks and implement improvements to streamline your development pipeline, enhancing productivity and reducing time to market.

Techinal Scaling:

With my experience in product management, I can contribute to strategic planning, ensuring alignment between your product roadmap and business goals.

API integrations:

I possess strong integration skills and can assist in seamlessly connecting various systems and services through well-designed APIs, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.

Compassionate Coding

Software development is 90% mental, the rest is typing. But programming is more than lines of code. It is about our mindset. Programming at its core is about how we approach problem solving using code as a means to finding the solution.

How we relate to our peers is a reflection of how we approach our coding.

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